British Council Language Assistantship

For the year abroad I had the option of undertaking either a study placement, a self-sourced work placement or a language assistantship. I opted to do the language assistantship and began the application process back in November. The application is a long process which can take up to 8 months in total from the initial application, to acceptance, to allocation of a region, to allocation of a town/city, to allocation of a school!

A couple of months ago I found out that I’d been allocated Madrid as my region! I was so so excited, but I also knew that I might not necessarily be anywhere near the capital. Fortunately, a few weeks later, I learned that my school is a primary school in a town called Torrejón de Ardoz, located 20km east of the capital. It takes approximately 25 mins to get there on a bus from Madrid, and you can also take the train. As I’ll be working in a primary school near the capital I will also receive an allowance of approximately 1000€ per month instead of the usual 700€ for Spain. I was extremely lucky with my allocation as I indicated ‘no preference’ of region or age on my application, only that I wanted to be in a large town/city! As I’m currently working in France I’m not entirely sure of all the dates and arrangements, but I’m sure I’ll have a pile of post waiting for me when I arrive back in the UK next week.



What do you reckon?

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