Morning Battles

Every morning there’s a different battle between T and I; sometimes it’s to do with bathing, sometimes breakfast, sometimes clothes, but I don’t think she’s simply being difficult. For these children it’s difficult to understand that although their mummy is at home all day, she is actually working. Their dad goes off every morning, Monday to Friday, to go to work and they understand that, but because their mum is at home most of the time they think that she is readily available. This morning I couldn’t get T to get dressed; she wanted to her maman to come and help her, but she couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t. It took 15 minutes and two languages for me to explain that her mum was very busy and that if she doesn’t work there won’t be any money for food, clothes or holidays. Even after four weeks she still didn’t fully understand that I’m here to act as ‘mummy’ when her real mum is working, and I think she just saw me as an adoptive big sister. I hope now that she understands a little better that I’m here to help and that I’m the one in charge Monday to Friday.


What do you reckon?

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