I have been very fortunate in that I know another student from my uni who has already been working in Madrid during the summer, and I was offered a room to rent in the flat she’s in – but not before I’d also embarked on my own crazy internet flat chase! The flat is located in the upmarket Lista area (Salamanca district) and is going to set me back a pretty reasonable 390€ a month (+ bills). I can get the metro to pretty much wherever I like and I’ll only be a fifteen minute walk away from the Avenida de América bus station which I’ll need to get to work. The flat is also particularly well placed for travelling to/from Barajas airport.

Many people I know, whether they’re in Spain or elsewhere in the world, are having an accommodation nightmare. They’re all landing in their respective countries and booking into hostels, only to begin a nightmarish flat hunt in a foreign language. If you need to find somewhere to live in Spain check out these links:

easypiso and idealista are websites where people advertise flats and houses for rent or sale, and also flat shares.

This euroroom site is specifically for finding a student room/flat in Madrid:

homestay is a website to find a host family (or guest) to live with as an alternative to finding your own accomm, You may be required to help out around the round (i.e. childcare or light housework) in addition to/instead of paying rent in exchange for board and lodge.

My biggest piece of advice would be to wait until you arrive to settle on a flat/room/house. You ideally need to see it in person before you decide to live there for a full or half year, but it’s still good to get an idea of what’s out there from these sites. In this case you’ll probably need somewhere to stay while you house hunt. Here are a few websites that I am aware of:

Good luck! :)


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