La Vie en Beige

From the streetlights to café lighting, the buildings to the bridges, and all way down to the lighter end of a Parisian’s fashionably appropriate colour scheme. Paris is beige. The Palace of Versailles is beige. The Louvre is beige. The Musée d’Orsay is beige. The Opera Garnier is beige. Galeries Lafayette is beige. Notre Dame is beige. Louis Vuitton is heavy on the beige. Crêpes are beige. Most of the tiny dogs are beige. Beige beige beige beige beige. The word no longer even makes sense to me so, rather than trying to express my paradoxical distain and wonder, I’ve compiled an album displaying the city at its most brilliantly beige.


2 thoughts on “La Vie en Beige

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