Why LGBT People and Their Supporters Shouldn’t Boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics

Today, Friday 7th February 2014, saw the opening ceremony officially kick off the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, but as you will no doubt be aware the games have already been shrouded in much controversy and unrest, both at … Continue reading

Turning Back the Clock on Equality in India

(Originally for Platform Online) Last Wednesday 11th December India’s LGBT community suffered a great blow when the Indian Supreme Court recriminalised certain sexual acts that it deemed to be “unnatural”. Back in 2009 the Delhi High Court overturned a ban … Continue reading

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along and Eat Hummus?

It’s so typical of my life that, at the same time as I’m planning and booking several trips to the Middle East, crap has gone back to hit the fan. In the coming two and half months I have trips … Continue reading